Haute Hair Care

At HAUTE HAIR ATL we are fully committed to ensuring that every customer is satisfied with their hair investment. In order to achieve this, we are recommending the following tips:

• Please shampoo co/wash extensions before installations

• Shampoo once a week or at least every other week

• Be sure to use a sulfate free shampoo which is gentler to the hair

• When shampooing the hair, always shampoo hair in a downward motion to prevent tangling

• After shampooing, deep condition the hair for at least 30 to 45 minutes

• Always rinse thoroughly after both shampoo and condition; however, be sure to rinse thoroughly with cool water after conditioning the hair

• For best results, if possible let hair air dry. Once dyed or bleached we can no longer guarantee your extensions. 
• Although your extension are 100% virgin hair, unlike natural hair it is no longer receiving nutrients from the scalp therefore hair must be protected. Since Heat is your hair’s bigger enemy, use only when necessary.

• Also, when using heat be sure to use a heat protectant or a serum

• If you decide to color or tint hair be sure to use a licensed hair professional. Once hair has been Chemically altered , dyed, bleached in any way it voids the guarantee.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you install hair and heavy product build-up occurs, you will need to use a deep clarifying shampoo to remove the product build-up. Once bleached or dyed we can no longer guarantee the integrity or longevity.